The Folk Music of Anjar

Famous Anjarian Zurna Players
"Kbrsli" (Hovaness Kbrslian) & "Topal" (Bedros Andonian)

The folk music of Anjar is the same as of Musa Dagh. The Anjarians are Musa Daghians and their traditional musical instruments, the unique Davul Zurna are Musa Daghian. Today there are only a handful of traditional musicians in Anjar who play the Musa Daghian songs on the Davul Zurna skillfully. One of the zurna players in Anjar is "Mouhammmad Badr" (Bedros Doudaklian) and the other master is "Kabaghintz Vaniis" (Hovaness Kabakian). Some skilled davul players are "Shannakintz Gabbayd" (Krikor Shannakian), and "Kabitzi Bzdaye" (Antranig Keshishian).

We should also mention the dancers. Some yabanjis, or non-Anjarians, claim that Anjarians dance like mountain bears dance to the music of the davul zurna. Well, those who say so lack the ability to make the necessary moves. "Mouhammad Mousa" (Movses Doudaklian, pictured in between the zurna players above) is one of the skilled dancers. He lives in Anjar. Just ask him. He claims that the sound of the davul zurna is a healer.

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