Organizations in Anjar

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Homenetmen Anjar

This is the Armenian General Athletic Union chapter of Anjar. Homenetmen has an athletic club on the main road of Anjar. This organization mainly serves the youth of Anjar and it consists of boy and girl scout troops and sports teams (basketball, soccer, table tennis). Homenetmen Anjar also has a natural turf soccer field in Anjar. The Homenetmen club is usually open in the evenings so that children and youths can play basketball, ping-pong, and other table games such as backgammon and chess.

Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon

This is a women's organization. The "Aghtamar" chapter of the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon (LOKH) serves the poor and the sick of Anjar. This organization operates a full time clinic with visitng doctors and an onsite pharmacy. Patients at the LOKH clinic pay very little, compared to private doctors' fees. Besides the clinic, the LOKH organizes lectures and other social events to educate the residents of Anjar about diseases, nutirition, and other health problems such as smoking and drinking.


The Armenian Evangelical Youth Organization. A religious organization which has a small number of followers and it mainly attracts the Evangelical Armenian youth of Anjar. The organization does not have its own club or center, but performs its functions within the premises of the Armenian Evangelical school of Anjar.


The Barouyr Sevag chapter of this Armenian cultural organization has its own club in the center of town. The Hamazkayin club hosts numerous art and music committees and groups, including a theatrical group, a choir, a traditional dance group, and other art related classes and functions. Also, art exhibitions and lectures take place at the Hamazkayin club. The center has a small cafeteria too.

Armenian Catholic Youth Scouts

The Armenian Catholic Youth Scouts, or organization, acts under the patronage of the Armenian Catholic Church of Anjar. A small organization mainly for Anjarian youths. Most of its followers are Armenian catholics. The organization has its own annual camps and other social and religious gatherings.

Alumni Association of the Armenian Evangelical Secondary School

To read about this organization please visit their own web site.