Musa Dagh: The Place & The People

The Place

Musa Dagh or Jebel Mousa (Mountain of Moses) is situated in what is today the Turkish province of Hatay, the small finger of coastline territory that points southwards into Syria. In the foothills of Musa Dagh lie the six villages of Musa Dagh: Kabusia, Vakif, Haji Hababli, Khdr Bek, Bitias and Yoghun Oluk.

Map of Musa Dagh

The People

"Vakif is The last Armenian village in Turkey today" wrote the Turkish Çumhuriet newspaper in 1995. In 1938 all six villages of Musa Dagh were populated by Armenians, about 5000 of them. In 1939, when the Kemalists seized Musa Dagh (under French mandate), the Musa Daghians were given a new "home" in Anjar, Lebanon. These people were the heroes of THE FORTY DAYS OF MUSA DAGH, who had fought against the Turks in 1915.