Armenia & The Armenians

The prime object of this work is essentially to attempt to pick out, depict and highlight the most fundamental and principal features and milestones of the entire Armenian History and, having done so, squeeze them and pack them as practically and meaningfully possible.

To this end, we will set about tracing very briefly, the earliest origins of the Armenians, meanwhile supplying a basic account of their spectacular but turbulent ancient history, with a passing glimpse of the outstanding chapters of this nation's enigmatic existence and survival through the ages and, methodically progress towards the present era, and their subsequent changed status -- without in the process, becoming inextricably entangled and hopelessly lost in a labyrinth of detailed, confusing historical data.

Moreover, it can be construed, that this work is primarily formulated and designed for those who, however intensely and genuinely interested, have little or no time to delve into relatively less significant details.

It is my earnest wish and profound hope, that this modest effort of mine will achieve a reasonable measure of success in attaining its objective.

Dikran Armenakian
Bristol, U.K.

The Essence of Armenian History

  1. Origin of the Armenians
  2. Struggle for Survival
  3. Zenith of Power
  4. The Ceaseless Invasions
  5. Second Partition
  6. The War in Defense of Christianity
  7. The Conquest of Seljuk Turks
  8. Ottoman Rule
  9. Massacre and Dispersion of the Armenians
  11. Attributes of the Armenians
  12. The Russian Revolution
  13. The Contribute of the Armenians in WWI
  14. Independent Armenia and Annexation by USSR
  15. The Adherence of the Armenians to the Allied cause in WWII
  16. The Armenian Question
  17. Armenia Today (CIA Factbook)

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